Terms and Conditions - Liquor Permit
  1. Permit holders must follow the requirements of The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act (the Act), associated regulations and these Liquor Permit Terms and Conditions. The Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) may add or change terms and conditions of a permit.
  2. Permit holders must be in attendance at all times during the social occasion. If it is necessary for a permit holder to leave the social occasion, they must attach a note to the permit designating a responsible person to be in charge.
  3. Permit holders must have the permit available in the premises during the event for presentation upon request to inspectors or members of a police force.
  4. Permit holders must have receipts in their possession during the social occasion that confirm all liquor served at the social occasion was purchased from a retail premises licensed by the LGCA: Liquor Mart store, liquor vendor, beer vendor, specialty wine store or manufacturer with a retail endorsement.
  5. Minors (people under 18 years of age) may attend the social occasion, but are prohibited from purchasing, handling, serving or consuming liquor.
  6. Permit holders must ensure that minors do not possess or consume liquor at the social occasion.
  7. Permit holders must not allow:
    • 1) disorderly people to be in or about the premises;
    • 2) any liquor to be served to a person who is or appears to be intoxicated;
    • 3) any person engaged in serving or selling liquor, or providing security, to consume liquor while so engaged; or
    • 4) adult entertainment, exotic performance or nudity at the social occasion.
  8. The general public may not be admitted to a permit event, with the exception of approved community or charitable events. The premises must be reserved for the exclusive use of members and individually invited guests of the person or organization granted the permit. Guests must have previously (not at the door) received an invitation or purchased tickets after being invited to attend the social occasion.
  9. Liquor may be sold and served only during the hours specified on the permit. Liquor may be consumed, but cannot be sold or served, for an additional 60 minutes after the termination hour and all unconsumed liquor must be removed from the tables by the end of the time period.
  10. When liquor is being sold at a social occasion, it may not be sold for less than a minimum price of $2.25 for serving sizes as described on the permit or at a proportionate price for other serving sizes.
  11. Permit holders must provide written or posted information to attendees stating the price and quantity of liquor per drink.
  12. Spirits may only be sold by the glass; beer and coolers/ciders by the bottle, can or glass; and wine by the bottle or glass.
  13. Permit holders must not serve more than 85.2 ml of spirits, 500 ml of wine, or 750 ml of beer to an individual at any one time, unless authorized by the LGCA.
  14. Permit holders must ensure that no person is in possession of more than two containers of liquor, whether full or partially full, at any time, unless authorized by the LGCA.
  15. Liquor must not be removed or brought onto the premises during the social occasion by people attending the event.
  16. Serving personnel must be in place to ensure the responsible service of liquor.
  17. Food service suitable for the nature of the social occasion must be provided in a quantity sufficient for the number of people attending.
  18. Permit holders issued a licence to conduct a charitable fundraiser must provide the LGCA with a financial statement setting out the expenses for and revenue from the fundraiser no later than 14 days after the fundraiser has been held.
  19. Permit holders must admit on-duty inspectors or members of a police force, upon request.
  20. A permit may be cancelled in the event of violation of the Act, associated regulations, these Liquor Permit Terms and Conditions, a condition of the permit, or if cancellation of the permit is in the public interest.
  21. Cannabis cannot be given as a prize.
Terms and Conditions - Raffle Licence
  1. The amount or value of each prize awarded must not exceed $500.
  2. Each ticket must not be sold for more than $2.
  3. Revenue from each draw must not exceed $10,000.
  4. The raffle must be held at a one-time social event at a public place of amusement.
  5. All ticket sales, draws and prize awards must take place at the event.
  6. Cannabis cannot be given as a prize.