Social Occasions
For those planning to sell or serve liquor, or to have a raffle at a one-time social occasion, such as a social, family reunion or wedding reception.
Charitable Gaming
For charitable and religious organizations planning to fundraise through gaming events like bingos or raffles. New organizations must first apply for eligibility.
For licensed cannabis retailers to submit records and reports about inventory and sales.
Frequently Asked Questions
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About the LGCA
The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) regulates the province’s liquor, gaming, cannabis and horse racing industries. Under the authority of The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act and the Criminal Code (Canada), the LGCA licenses liquor sales, service and manufacturing; gaming employees, products and operations; retail cannabis stores; and horse racing participants, and ensures compliance with regulations. The LGCA strives to serve the public interest by regulating these industries in a respectful, impartial and balanced manner. Click here for more information about the LGCA.